Vallejo offers a series of publications which contain product usage guides related to different themes and techniques and are designed to assist the modeler in the use of Vallejo acrylic colors. The information is presented in complete articles and include photographic material and step by step instructions by well-known authors, which are particularly useful as reference and consulting material and help to solve doubts about color applications, styles and painting tricks. Modelers of wide experience and renowned for the quality of their work have taken part in the redaction of these publications, sharing their experiences and techniques in the processes of painting and weathering of all kinds of vehicles, figures and diorama creations.

  • 75.016

    Warpaint Aviation 1: Fall of Iron

    The publication examines some of the twin-engined medium bombers of World War Two and includes a selection of profiles by Richard Mason, as well as a ground-breaking piece of research on the early B-25 Mitchell by Brian Derbyshire that offers an incisive look into the business of wartime mass-production and the vast number of changes to the ensuing airframes brought about as a result of ongoing combat experience. Other aircraft covered include the rarely discussed Tupolev SB-2, the Mitsubishi G4M Betty, Bristol Blenheim, Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, Petylyakov Pe-2 and the Handley Page Hampden.

    Number of pages: 90
    Format: A4
    Language: English

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  • 75.014

    Warpaint Armour 1: Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945

    Warpaint Armour 1: Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945

    “Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945” is the first in the new series by Guideline License Publications and the team that brings you Military Modelcraft International in collaboration with Acrylicos Vallejo.

    The publication examines some of the AFVs that shaped the war on the Eastern Front during World War II – or the “Great Patriotic War” as it is remembered in Russia – which was a titanic conflict and the greatest clash of arms in history.

    The subjects have been chosen with the modeler in mind and each article provides both reference and inspiration using authoritative text, archival and walkaround photos as well was specially commissioned colour profiles.

    Number of pages: 84
    Format: A4
    Language: English

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  • 75.013

    Colours of War

    Painting WWII & WWIII miniatures

    A comprehensive system for painting WWII & WWIII miniatures. What this book aims to do is distil the combined knowledge and ideas of the Battlefront studio into a concise and coherent collection of painting tips and guides. This book will teach you tried and tested processes, which balance ease and efficiency with positive results, and will give you the know – how and confidence to paint any Flames of War & WWIII miniatures.

    Number of pages: 140
    Format: A4
    Language: English

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  • 75.012

    Civil Vehicles

    Civilian trucks and other civilian equipment have a much longer lifetime than military equipment, and are therefore much more subject to the influence of the natural effects of dust, dirt, and of course rust. In this book Eugene Tur shows the complete step by step weathering of 7 vehicles.
    Pages: 120
    Language: English
    Author: Eugen Tur

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  • 75.011

    Rust and Chipping

    A new publication by Acrylicos Vallejo, showing the modeler an approach to the painting and aging processes on all types of vehicles in a state of wear,
    abandonment and destruction, as interpreted by the modelers Scratchmod
    Rob, Mike Rinaldi, Virgil Suarez, John Tolcher, Adam Wilder and Chema
    Cabrero. The book Includes step by step instructions by each author, with a
    foreword by Mike Rinaldi.
    100 pages.

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  • 75.002

    Airbrushing and Weathering Techniques

    Times have changed in the hobby of model building and painting, most modelers are now starting out using only waterbased acrylics. This guide covers the uses of acrylic colors, with the focus mainly on Acrylicos Vallejo, pioneers in this field. The intention is to share the experience in using acrylics with all model painters, whether they are just starting out or switching over from solvent based paints. The information in this book is the result of nearly twenty years working with Vallejo acrylic colors and auxiliary products and is meant to be used as a guide and reference.
    204 pages
    Author Rob Ferreira (Scratchmod)

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  • 75.010

    Ángel Giráldez Masterclass vol. 2

    We are pleased to present Ángel Giráldez’s second Vallejo figure painting manual, Painting Miniatures from A to Z (Masterclass Volume 2), complementary to the first volume. This present volume explains new techniques and tips through hundreds of pictures of the painting process, which will help painters to continually improve their miniature painting skills. The Masterclasses section includes tutorial guides about how to paint all the different Infinity armies, in addition to detailing which colors Ángel used to paint the official Infinity color patterns. If you are a fan of the Infinity universe, or if you are a painter who wants to improve, then this new volume will be an illuminating resource. So take your paints and brushes, and enjoy alongside Ángel this new step of the miniature painting hobby world.
    154 pages
    Author Ángel Giráldez

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  • 75.005

    The Rise of Fantasy

    Practical guide and introduction to the creation of fantasy scenes. This
    book contains step by step instructions on how to paint a figure and the
    transformation of the figures, as well as the composition of the backgrounds,
    with points on highlighting the various elements of the composition, and on
    the portrayal of water, land, wood and rusted metal and general scenery.
    112 pages.
    Author Juan J. Barrena (JJ)

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