• 28.010

    White Primer

    White Aerosol Primer color in 400 ml./13.52 fl.oz. for base coating on plastic kits and figures. Solvent-based and flammable but does not contain CFC or Toluene.

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  • 77.680

    Gloss Black Primer

    Gloss Black Primer is a base primer that improves adherence of MetalColor, applied diluted increases the intensity of the color.
    Packaging:Available in 32 ml. / 1.08 fl.oz. bottles with a flip top/eyedropper closure.

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  • 82.161

    Crackle Base

    Transparent sealer for all surfaces. Very suitable as base for crackling prints and decoupage.

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  • 30.460

    Pouring Medium

    Fluid self-leveling Acrylic Medium. The product dries to a clear, flexible and glossy finish which is permanent and water resistant when dry. Ideal for techniques of dripping, pouring, and direct application on large surfaces.

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