Decal Softener Medium and Decal fix, usefull for placing wet decals over the model and increasing the adherence of the decal to the model.

Step by Step by José Brito


1. A thin coat of White Grey 71.119 is airbrushed. This will be the background of the graffiti, like in a real situation.


2. For the initial steps we will need Gloss Varnish 70.510, Decal Fix 73.213 and Decal Softener Medium 73.212. Also a medium size flat brush, water and tweezers.


3. We apply a coat of Gloss Varnish and let it dry well. The gloss varnish will turn the surface totally flat. If you have a paint texture on surface, those texture spots will create micro air balloons between the decal and the surface. So, you will end up with the “silvering” effect.


4. We cut the desired decal and submerge it into water for a few seconds.


5. While the decal is submerged into the water, we apply a thin coat of Decal Fix. The product is a water based solution which will increase the adhesive properties of the decal.


6. Now, we can remove the decal from the support. With the help of tweezers and a flat brush we put the decals in the desired spot and gently we remove the excess of water.


7. Once the excess of water is removed, we apply a thin coat of Decal Softener Medium. Should be applied over the decal and let it to dry for about 2 hours.


8. The final step is airbrushing a thin layer of Matt Varnish 70.520 over the decals. This will eliminate any gloss effects from the decal film or any shine from the products previously applied.