• 70.237


    This paint set provides you with all the colors needed to paint the models belonging to the Haqqislam Army. Included in the set you will find a Ghulam Infantry exclusive miniature only available in this presentation. In addition, you can follow Ángel Giráldez’s step by step guide to assist you in painting your miniature with spectacular results.
    A set designed for beginners in the hobby, amateur painters looking to expand their skills, or experts who want to have all the colors needed to paint their favorite miniatures in a single pack.

    70.950 Black
    70.983 Flat Earth
    72.153 Heavy Brown
    70.847 Dark Sand
    70.823 Luftwaffe Cam. Green
    70.922 Uniform Green
    70.845 Sunny Skin Tone
    70.953 Flat Yellow

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