• 75.012

    Civil Vehicles

    Civilian trucks and other civilian equipment have a much longer lifetime than military equipment, and are therefore much more subject to the influence of the natural effects of dust, dirt, and of course rust. In this book Eugene Tur shows the complete step by step weathering of 7 vehicles.
    Pages: 120
    Language: English
    Author: Eugen Tur

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  • 75.005

    The Rise of Fantasy

    Practical guide and introduction to the creation of fantasy scenes. This
    book contains step by step instructions on how to paint a figure and the
    transformation of the figures, as well as the composition of the backgrounds,
    with points on highlighting the various elements of the composition, and on
    the portrayal of water, land, wood and rusted metal and general scenery.
    112 pages.
    Author Juan J. Barrena (JJ)

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