Italian WWII Regio Esercito Camo Colors

The set includes 8 references from the Model Air range in 17 ml format. Suitable for painting combat vehicles, trucks or artillery pieces, as well as the camouflage schemes in operation during the Second War by the Regio Esercito.

The Italian army did not have exact chromatic correspondence charts, we know of some shades and their names from written archives, the names of some defined references and with somehow vague descriptions and isolated records in military museums, on fairly rigorous restorations. Since the 30s we have already found disruptive camouflage schemes, used on the dark green tone as a base in many Ansaldo designs, or the light green tone, used since the 1940s as a base, on which spots of reddish sand or terracotta were applied. The combinations evolved into very elaborate patterns of up to four different tones, or the “amoeba” type schemes, or disruptive with sinuous shapes like shingles.

We have taken as reference some well-preserved color photos and the expert restorations of the vehicles on display in the Saumur Museum, to define the nuances of the best-known tones.

8 x 17 ml/0.57 fl oz Model Air

71.074 Beige
71.028 Sand Yellow
71.034 Sand Brown
71.084 Fire Red
71.045 Cement Grey
71.044 Grey RLM02
71.012 Dark Green
71.010 Interior Green

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