Acrylic textures with a heavy, thick consistency and a slightly glossy finish, ideal for reproducing muddy terrain on vignettes or dioramas, as well as for texture on the wheels of a car or truck, the lower part of vehicles, and the accumulations of mud on tank tracks.

Step by Step by José Brito


1. Styrofoam is a great material for making terrains. It’s lightweight, easy to cut, cheap and easy to find. It’s also great to fill in large volumes.


2. A coat of 73.611 IJA Tsuchi-Kusa-Iro, (Earth Green) is applied with the help of a medium size flat brush.


3. A spatula or a brush can be used to apply the material.
The Thick Mud 26.807 extends really well and with great adhesive properties. The texture is very natural and visually accurate.



4. While Thick Mud 26.807 is still fresh we can easily add stones, synthetic grass, dry leaves, marks into the soil. All we have to do is just set the elements in place and gently press them into the paste. Once the paste is dry, the elements will be fixed.