In the year 1990 Vallejo presented the first range of colors for crafts and decorative arts. Arte Deco is a comprehensive series of extra matt acrylic colors, self leveling in application and permanent on all surfaces. In the following years the series of Silk Color and Textile color were added to the assortment. Textile color is one of the most popular products in the craft range because of its innovative formula which binds the colors to the material without the need to be fixed by ironing. In 2015, in collaboration with the influencers Carrotcake, Vallejo developed a range of colors and inks with specific accessories for Scrapbooking. All our colors are manufactured in accordance with the REACH protocol (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals). In addition, the Textile Color range has the EN71-3 certification, as well as documentation regarding the absence of allergenic agents in its products.