Color index

Color Index pigments vallejoThe pigments used for artists’ colors are inorganic as well as organic. The inorganic pigments have been used since antiquity; most of them are extracted from minerals and soil, such as natural earth colors, siennas and ocres. Titanium, carbon and ultramarine pigments also belong to this category, as well as cobalt and cadmium. Many of these pigments are now also manufactured synthetically.

Organic pigments have their origins in the 19th century. Industrial production developed at the beginning of the twentieth century owing to new manufacturing processes in organic chemistry. These synthetic pigments have become an important group in the manufacture of artists’ colors, producing bright and luminous shades of great intensity and excellent light fastness and permanence.

The range has extended continuously, and now besides the familiar phtalocyanines and naphthols, includes azo compounds, dioxacines and pyrroles, antraquiniones and quinacridones.

PB / Pigments Blue

PB15 Phthalocyanine (Copper phthalocyanine) 74160 a
PB15:3 Phthalocyanine (Copper phthalocyanine) 74160 b
PB15:4 Phthalocyanine (Copper phthalocyanine) 74160 b non. floc.
PB15:6 Phthalocyanine (Copper phthalocyanine) 74160 e
PB16 Phtalocyanine 74100
PB22 Anthraquinone 69810
PB27 Ferric ferrocyanide 77510
PB28 Cobaltous aluminate 77346
PB29 Polysulphide of sodium alumino silicate 77007
PB35 Cobaltous stannate 77368
PB36 Cobaltous/ chromium/ alumino oxide 77343
PB60 Indanthrone 69800
PB66 Indigo
PB74 Phenacite (Cobaltous-Zinc-Silice)

PBk / Pigments Black

PBk1 Azine (Aniline black) 50440
PBK6 Carbon (Carbon black) 77266
PBk7 Carbon (Carbon black) 77266
PBk8 Amorphous Carbon of vegetable origin 77266
PBk9 Mixture of mainly calciumphosphate & carbon (Bone black) 77267
PBk10 Graphite (Crystallized Carbon)
PBk11 Synthetic iron oxide 77499
PBk31 Perylene

PBr / Pigments Brown

PHBr6 Iron Oxide 77491
PBr7 Calcined natural iron oxide 77491
PBr8 Brown Coal
PBr24 Antimony/ chromium/ titanium oxide 77310

PG / Pigments Green

PG7 Phthalocyanine (Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine) 74260
PG8 Nitroso 10006
PG10 Monoaza 12775
PG17 Chromium sesquioxide 77288
PG18 Hydrated chromium sesquioxide 77289
PG19 Mixture of cobalt zincate and zincoxide 77335
PG23 Natural green earth 77009
PG24 Polysulphide of sodium alumino silicate 77013
PG26 Spinel(Cobaltous-Chromium)
PG36 Phthalocyanine (Chlorinated brominated phthalocyanine) 74265
PG50 Cobalt titanate (Cobaltous/ nickel/ zinc/ titanium alumino oxide) 77377

PO / Pigments Orange

P05 Monoazo 12075
PO20 Cadmium sulfoselenide 77202
PO34 Disazo 21115
PO36 Monoazo 11780
PO43 Perinone 71105
PO48 Quinacridone 73900/ 73920
PO49 Quinacridone
PO60 Benzimidazolone
PO62 Benzimidazolone 11775
PO67 Pyrazoloquinazolone 12915
PO69 Isoindoline 56292
PO71 Diketopyrrolopyrrole 561200
PO73 Isoindoline 561170

PR / Pigments Red

PR4 Monoazo (Naphthol) 12085
PR5 Monoazo (Naphthol ITR) 12490
PR7 Monoazo 12420
PR9 Monoazo 12460
PR12 Monoazo (Naphthol) 12385
PR14 Monoazo 12380
PR17 Monoazo 12390
PR23 Monoazo (Naphthol) 12355
PR57:1 Monoazo 15850:1
PR83 Anthraquinone 58000:1
PR101 Synthetic iron oxide 77491
PR108 Cadmiumsulphoselenide/ Cadmium selenide 77202/ 77196
PR112 Monoazo (Naftol) 12370
PR119 Monoazo
PR122 Quinacridone 73915
PR123 Anthraquinone 71145
PR146 Azo 12485
PR149 Antharaquinone 71137
PR168 Antharaquinone 59300
PR170 Monoazo 12475
PR173 Rhodamine (Triarylcarbonium) 45170:3
PR175 Monoazo 12513
PR176 Monoazo
PR177 Anthraquinone 65300
PR178 Antharquinone 71155
PR179 Antharquinone (Perylene) 71130
PR184 Naphtol AS 12487
PR188 Monoazo 12467
PR190 Antharquinone 71140
PR192 Quinacridone
PR206 Quinacridone
PR207 Quinacridone 73900/ 73906
PR209 Quinacridone 73905
PR251 Pyrazoloquinazolone 12925
PR254 Diketopyrrolopyrrole 56110
PR255 Diketopyrrolopyrrole 561050
PR264 Diketopyrrolopyrrole 561300

PV / Pigments Violet

PV1 Rhodamine (Triarylcarbonium) 45170:2
PV3 Triphenylmethane (Triarylcarbonium) 42535:2
PV14 Cobalt phosphate 77360
PV15 Polysulphide of sodium alumino silicate 77007
PV16 Manganese ammonium pyrophosphate 77742
PV19 Quinacridone 73900
PV23 Dioxazine 51319

PY / Pigments Yellow

PY1 Monoazo 11680
PY3 Monoazo 11710
PY17 Disazo (Diarylide) 21105
PY35 Cadmium zinc sulphide 77205
PY37 Calcined Cadmium Sulphide 77199
PY40 Potassium cobalt nitrite 77357
PY42 Hydrated synthetic iron oxide 77492
PY43 Hydrated natural iron oxide 77492
PY53 Nickel/ antimony/ titanium oxides 77788
PY65 Monoazo 11740
PY73 Monoazo 11738
PY74 Monoazo 11741
PY83 Disazo 21108
PY97 Monoazo 11767
PY98 Monoazo 11727
PY108 Antraquinone 70600
PY109 Isoindolinone 56284
PY110 Isoindolinone 56280
PY112 Anthraquinone 70600
PY119 Spincel (Zinc-Iron)
PY128 Disazo 20037
PY129 Azomethine 48042
PY138 Quinoline
PY150 Monoazo 12764
PY151 Monoazo
PY153 Nickel Complex
PY154 Benzimidazolone 11781
PY155 Disazo
PY156 Benzimidazolone
PY157 Priderite (Nickel-Barium-Titanium)
PY175 Monoazo
PY184 Bismuth vanadate

PW / Pigments White

PW4 Zinc oxide 77947
PW5 Coprecipitate of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate 77115
PW6 Titanium dioxide 77891
PW6/PW15/PW20 Titanium dioxide and tin oxide coated mica 77891/ 77861/ 77019
PW18 Calcium Carbonate
PW21 Barium Sulfate
PW26 Magnesium-Aluminium Silicate