Step by step


Painting Henry V

Painting Henry V –
Armor & Sword

a heraldic surcoat

Sons of Horus
Space Marine

Battle damage
on a Sons of Horus
Space Marine

Realistic Chipping
& Weathering

Old Gold
“True Metallic Metal”

Battle damaged
orange armor suit

How to paint
yellow armor

How to paint
damage and wear effects
on the Imperial Knight

How to paint skin

How to paint
an Ice Energy Axe

Weathering effects
on a battle tank

How to paint
Dark Angels Armor

How to paint
Fenrisian Wolves

How to paint
Kubelwagen Base SC007

Model Color
basic use guide
for airbrushing

Arctic Camouflage
on a Battle Tank

How to paint
a purple dragon
part 2

How to paint
a purple dragon
part 1

Ork and goblin skin

PSP runways

Model Wash
basic use guide

Model Air
basic use guide

How to paint
an armor suit
for ‘Sons of Thor’

How to paint
Necron scrabs
without airbrush

Texture paints
in Mecha modelling

Mecha Weathering

Mud effects
on armored vehicles

The process
of painting
a ruined building

Water textures
in Mecha modeling

Effects of dirt
and wear using
Model Wash

How to use
Plastic Putty

Wet effects
in Mecha modelling

Metallic aircraft
paneling with
Model Wash

Battle damage
on a tank

Liquid Mask

Metal Color
on armored vehicles

Orange OSL effect
on plasma gun

Panel instruments

Plastic Putty
in Mecha modelling

in Mecha modelling

turquoise armor

Heat discoloration
and weathering effects
on weapons

Burning effects
using pigments

How to paint
an AB41 Autoblinda

How to paint
a R35 light tank

Game Inks
in Mecha modelling

Liquid Mask
in Mecha modelling

Orange armor

How to make a puddles
using Still Water

Using washes

Goku kid in
an anime style
part 2

Goku kid in
an anime style
part 1

Black armor



Mud & Puddles set

Secondary runway – cold environment

Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Orange armor

Dark skin tone

Sanding primed surfaces

Vallejo varnishes

How to paint a beard


Muzzle flashes

Earth and rock covered bases
with vegetation

Chipped paint effects
on aircraft with Liquid Mask

Gold NMM Armor

Rust & Chipping
paint effects

Diorama Effects
– Desert Sand

Necron warriors

Crackle Medium

Liquid Mask for Paint Chipping

Dry mud and splashes

Necron bases

Painting a NMM sword

Salamanders Space Marines

Intense green armor

Pigment Binder

Using dry pigments

Rust Effects using
Model Wash on
a Ukranian T-64

A simple base using
Rough Grey Pumice and Dark Earth

Lava bases

Grass spots and brushes
in concrete pavement joints

Fuel stains
with Stencil ST-AFV002


Rust effects
on AFV

Painting wood
with Wash and Fuel Stains

Rust effects with Stencils

Wood imitation


Japanese Radial Engines WWII

Advanced prepanelling


Liquid Mask

Variable pitch propellers

Aircraft structures WWI

Leather Seat

USAAF Fuel Tank 75 gal.

Luftwaffe fuel tank 300 l.

Decoration of miniature bases with
Vallejo Scenery

Applying textures on wooden floor with
Vallejo Stencils

Fuel Tank IJN A6M5 “Zero” 300 l.

IJA Fuel Tank 200 l. (bamboo)


Painting a bear

Painting a textured
leather map case

Cobblestone road base

Thinner & Pigments

Painting a wild board

Weathered barrel

Wooden barrel

Painting a horse

Painting a door

Aircraft Tires

Basic Cockpit Colors

Propeller of laminated wood

Masking aircraft cabins

Pigments “dry mode”

Water Textures

Model Wash

Decal Softener & Decal Fix

Chipping Medium

Grey Sand Texture

Snow Texture

Liquid Mask

Painting and weathering
a pier

Old weathered wood

Metal Color

Mud Effects

Plastic Putty

Rust Texture

Light rust staining and streaking effects

Metal Color painting figures

Engine Effects

Splash Mud

Black Lava-Asphalt

Rust Effects

Oil Stains

Fuel Stains

Diesel Stains

Petrol Spills

Rain Marks


Rust Texture

Slimy Grime Dark

Slimy Grime Light

Streaking Grime

Crushed Grass

Mud and Grass Effects

Moss and Lichen Effects

Wet Effects

European Splash Mud

Russian Splash Mud

Industrial Splash Mud

Light Brown Splash Mud

Brown Splash Mud

Black Splash Mud

European Thick Mud

Russian Thick Mud

Industrial Thick Mud

Light Brown Thick Mud

Brown Thick Mud

Black Thick Mud

Deep sea effects using
Vallejo Water Texture

Glowing effect
on a gemstone 

Camouflage Dot 44

Camouflage Oak Leaf

How to paint
Off-White tunic
using Game Color Range

How to paint turquoise
luminous effect (OSL)
using Game Color Range

Treasure Island
Part 1