Hobby videos

Chipping Effects
Chipping Waterbased Medium to create flaked paint, scratches and chipped paint. The product can be applied with airbrush or brush to create chipping effects with waterbased acrylic colors. Step by step by José Brito.

Diorama Effects, Earth Textures
Earth Textures from the Diorama Effects range, reproduces the different earth textures, such as the sand of the desert, the dark brown earth of temperate zones, the asphalt and the black lava of volcanic terrain.

Airbrushing Vallejo Model Air
Tips and tricks about airbrushing vallejo Model Air by José Brito.

Thick Mud, vallejo Diorama Effects
Acrylic textures for reproducing muddy terrain on vignettes or dioramas, as well as for texture on the wheels of a car or truck, the lower part of vehicles, and the accumulations of mud on tank tracks.

Decal Fix and Decal Medium
Step by step by José Brito about how to use Decal Fix and Decal Medium for placing decals on models and miniatures.

Cleaning the airbrush with Airbrush Cleaner 71199
Step by step video aboput Cleaning the airbrush using Airbrush Cleaner 71199 by José Brito. After the use of the airbrush we recommend you to clean properly the airbrush in order to the right function.

Vallejo Model Color and wet palette
In this video we will show you how to get the best from Model Color paints and how to properly blend them, with the help of a “wet palette”.

Vallejo Splash Mud and Pigments
Splashes with Vallejo Splash Mud and Pigments on Sherman tank 1/35 scale. Painted by Jose Brito and construction by Markus Lack.

Applying Vallejo Primers
Applying Vallejo Primers by José Brito. In this video we apply Primer Desert Tan Base (73613) on a T-59 Tank in 1/35 scale. Ready to weathering process!

Metal Color range by Vallejo
A new water based acrylic color developed with the last generation of true metallic aluminum pigments, with smooth finish, resistance and great cover answer. For airplanes, Sci.Fi topics, fantasy, guns, tank tracks or other metallic support.

Weathering tracks
Weathering tracks using vallejo Model Wash on Sherman Tank 1/35 by José Brito.

Acrylic techniques
Filters, washes, fading, mud, rust, chips, metal effects, dust, etc…using Vallejo Acrylic products.

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