Soviet Air Force VVS 1941 to 1943 “Great Patriotic War”

Set with Model Air colors developed for painting various camouflage schemes of Soviet aircraft and their different color combinations, from the
beginning of the “Great Patriotic War” in June 1941 until the year 1943, turning point on the Eastern Front.

8 x 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. Model Air

71.410 AII Zashchitnyi Camouflage Green
71.301 AMT-4 Camouflage Green
71.303 A-24M Camouflage Green
71.251 NATO Black
71.317 AII SV. Gol Light Blue
71.318 AMT-7 Greyish Blue
71.319 A-28M Greyish Blue
71.001 White

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