Titanic Colors

The set includes 8 references from the Model Air range in 17 ml bottles. Suitable for painting the scale model of the Titanic, offering the most suitable and correct shades based on the latest research and historical sources. For example, the draught color below hull, which has often been represented in a dark red tone and, according to historical samples and records of the time, it was indeed a dark salmon hue similar to that used on the Queen Mary and other Olympic-class ships.

The references included allow the modeler to paint the deck and its parts in wood, upper hull, yellow line that separated it from the draught anti-fouling color, chimneys and their characteristic tone, lifeboats with the right interior tone and the tarps that covered them.

8 x 17 ml/0.57 fl oz Model Air

71.270 Off-White
71.288 UK BSC 64 Portland Stone
71.078 Yellow RLM04
71.443 Faded Yellow
71.442 Anti-Fouling Red
71.027 Light Brown
71.444 Wood Deck
70.057 Black

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