How to use

Pigments “Dry Mode”

Water Textures

Model Wash


Chipping Medium

Thick Mud

Snow Texture

Splash Mud

Environment Effects

Engine Effects

Grey Sand Texture

vallejo máscara líquida tutorial

Liquid Mask

Painting and weathering a pier

How to paint old weathered wood with vallejo colors

Old Weathered wood

Metal Color

Mud Effects

Vallejo Plastic Putty step by step by José Brito

Plastic Putty

Rust texture effects vallejo tutorial by Scratchmod

Rust Texture

Light rust staining vallejo step by step by Scratchmod

Light rust staining and streaking effects

Tutorial Pintando figuras con Vallejo Metal Color

Metal Color painting figures

Vallejo Engine Effects step by step

Engine Effects

Vallejo Splash Mud effects step by step

Splash Mud

vallejo Asphalt Texture 26214 step by step

Asphalt Texture


Rust Effects